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With over 83 years of experience in plating stainless steels and a variety of other alloy materials, Greystone is quickly becoming an industry leader in Medical Chrome plating and Electropolishing. A Medical division was created with state-of-the-art equipment to meet the rigorous demands of Medical and Dental device manufacturers while conforming to the requirements of the industry. Greystone’s Medical division focuses on devices that have Chrome, Electropolishing, Passivation and Electroless Nickel coating requirements.

Services Offered:

  • Surface Hardness of 72 RC
  • Thickness Range: 0.000050"-0.0005"
  • Thickness Control: 0.0001"
  • Biocompatibility Certified to ISO 10993
  • Validated Process
  • Material Control: 0.00005"-0.0001"
  • ASTM B912
  • Nitric & Citric Passivation
  • ASTM A967, ASTM A380, ASTM F86, AMS-QQ-P-35


Markets Served

Endoscopic Instruments, Powered Hand Instruments, Orthopedic Instruments, Valves, Dental Hand Instruments.
Greystone is known for its custom designed tooling, engineered to provide exceptional thickness control to hold tight dimensional tolerances in high-volume production. All tooling is custom designed and fabricated in-house to accommodate the most difficult geometries. The Greystone Medical engineering teams experience working with these geometries and tolerances spans over 80 years and several billion components of various sizes. Greystone is able to process any quantity of parts from a 1 piece prototype to a million piece production order.

When faced with rigorous challenges and testing requirements, Greystone welcomes the opportunity to design an innovative process or coating to meet customer needs. Challenges met range from developing a coating which allows for corrosion testing in excess of 1,000 autoclave cycles to developing medical chrome plating processes increasing part life well over a billion operations. All of this is capable through Greystone’s significant engineering resources dedicated to running samples, developing and validating prototype processes, and scaling those processes to full production. Whether you are in R&D or production stages, Contact us for your Medical Chrome Plating, Electropolishing and Passivation needs.